About Us

House of HarveyOur PHILOSOPHY:

Life’s precious moments should be celebrated. At House of Harvey, we strive to provide exceptional service and the finest quality jewellery, timepieces and giftware. We want to exceed your expectations of value and integrity with honest pricing. We also endeavour to understand and fulfil all clients' desires and requests through our knowledge and expertise, whilst maintaining the highest level of confidentiality.

Our lives are full of the passion and beauty that is the jewellery industry. We enjoy the privilege of creating heirloom pieces for future generations to cherish. Our legacy will be to contribute to organisations that work to make our community a better place to live, whilst providing for those in need and guiding the next generation.

Our DUTY and BELIEF is to support:

  • Reinforce consumer confidence in the jewellery industry, as Members of the Jewellers Assoc of Aust by adhering to the JAA's Principles and Code of Ethics to ensure best practice.
  • Accountability to the 'Kimberley Process' regulating the worldwide rough diamond supply, requiring our business partners to provide written warranty that diamonds supplied are certified and not involved in funding conflict.
  • Responsible sourcing of gold and minerals that make their way into our industry; utilising recycled and refined metals in repairs and manufacture when feasible; to respect both the 
  • Earth and her people; honouring human rights that defend social standards of mining operations, whilst opposing inappropriate mine development on environmentally and culturally sensitive lands, balanced with consideration to maintaining certainty for companies and communities dependent on mining.
  • The community in which we do business, and pursue high standards of health and safety, labour practices, human rights and protections, within our own business, and of our business partners both here and abroad.


With over 17 years experience in the jewellery industry, on April 1st 1997, House of Harvey was conceived by partners Bob and Alannah. Within two years this new store were proud to become members of Nationwide Jewellers, Australasia's largest jewellery buying group, and with the commitment to providing our clients and community with a greater selection, relocated to our current position. Today, 16 years later, two other dedicated family members are also part of the HoH Team, together with a loyal and knowledgeable Sales and Service team creating a true local FAMILY business.

To achieve longevity in a small community requires more than creativity and expertise. Support and fund raising for our community; our Treasured Gems Rewards programme; seeking suppliers worldwide that offer unique pieces, with whom we may forge long term relationships, whilst maintaining affordability and quality; and keeping abreast of leading edge design and technology at industry events within Australia and abroad.

Ingham storeWith opportunities provided by Nationwide Jewellers, in an alliance with the IJO, the largest jewellery buying group in the world, access has been gained to the Antwerp Diamond Broker programme, Antwerp being the Diamond buying capital of the World, where 80% of the world's diamonds are traded. As ADB members, the middleman is by-passed, and the best diamonds hand selected at exceptional prices. We have been both humbled and honoured to forge a relationship with Gabi and Jean Paul Tolkowsky, credited as the worlds finest diamond cutters, and part of the Tolkowsky 200 year Dynasty.

Nationwide has also provided the opportunity to follow a diamond from ‘Rough to Retail’, visiting the richest diamond mine in the world ~ the Jwaneng Diamond Mine in Botswana, touring the world's largest and most sophisticated rough diamond sorting and valuing operation ~ the Diamond Trading Centre, and visiting the Hearts and Arrows Cutting factory, which along with Tolkowsky, is a division of Exelco – a De Beers Site holder.

Members of the HoH Sales Team have completed: Diamond Grading with Australia's foremost authority on Diamonds, Mr Bill Sechos of Gem Studies Laboratories, and lecturer of Gemmology and Diamond Technology; design and drawing workshops with Australia's most awarded international Jewellery Designer, Mr Rex Steele Merten; and GIA Jewellery, Coloured Stone, Diamond & Pearl Diplomas.

House of HARVEY, strive to achieve above and beyond 'Your Family Jeweller' offering luxury wrapped in trust, from dedicated professionals.

Special Service, Special Price, Because You're Special!